Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)Points Calculator

In this article, we’ll help you calculate your SINP Points and discuss the following:

  • Basics of SINP 
  • Using the SINP Points Calculator 
  • What is the SINP Points Calculator for Canada Immigration 
  • What are the five selection factors on SINP Calculator? 
  • What are the minimum points needed to be eligible for SINP? 
  • Minimum requirements to apply under SINP Express Entry stream
  • How long does it take to get Saskatchewan PNP?
  • The process to apply under SINP 2020 
  • What is the SINP EOI Points System
  • Who can apply for Canada PR through SINP
  • FAQs

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What is SINP 2020? Learn the Basics of Saskatchewan PNP

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) run by the Canadian province Saskatchewan to nominate applicants who can contribute to its economy.

SINP helps to give the provincial nomination to skilled workers looking for a Canada PR visa.

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What is the SINP Points Calculator for Canada Immigration 2020?

SINP Points Calculator is a point-based system that gives you points on five selection factors (discussed below) based on which SINP decides your eligibility for getting a Saskatchewan nomination for Canada PR Visa in 2020.

What are the five selection factors on SINP Calculator?

With a total of 100 points, the SINP Calculator has assigned maximum marks against each factor.

  1. Connection with Saskatchewan Labor Market (Max. Points30)
  2. Education and Training(Max. Points 23)
  3. Language Skills (Max. Points 20)
  4. Skilled Work experience (Max. Points 15)
  5. Age (Max. Points of 12)

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 SINP Calculator for Canada Immigration 2020


What are the minimum points needed to be eligible for SINP?

You need a minimum of 60 out of the total 100 points on the SINP Calculator to be eligible to apply under SINP.

What are the minimum requirements to apply under the SINP Express Entry stream?

The SINP category that is most suitable for Indian skilled Workers looking for Canadian PR has the following minimum requirements:

  1. Score at least 60/100 points on the SINP point assessment grid.
  2. Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code
  3. Valid Language test results with minimum CLB 4 for OID and CLB 7 for Express Entry stream.
  4. At least one year of post-secondary education comparable to Canadian education resulting in degree/diploma/certificate
  5. Minimum work experience as per your field of knowledge in a highly skilled and occupation under NOC Level O, A, or B
  6. At least one-year non-trade work experience in the last ten years or two years’ trades work experience in the previous five years or one-year Canadian work experience in the last three years
  7. Evidence showing legal status if currently residing in Canada
  8. Proof of funds and a settlement plan
  9. Eligibility proof for regulated professions in Saskatchewan

How long does it take to get Saskatchewan PNP?

The latest application processing time as per SINP:

– Express Entry: 5 months (approx.)

Occupation in Demand:8 months(approx.)

– Employment Offer subcategory: 1 month (approx.)

This may be subject to change depending on case details.

What is the process to apply under SINP?

There are two popular categories for applying under SINP.

– International Skilled Worker (3 subcategories EE, OID, and EO) Learn More

– Saskatchewan Experience

Here’s How To Apply:

  1. A) For ISW-Saskatchewan Express Entry stream: Make an Express Entry profile and get your profile number and job seeker validation code and follow these steps:

B)For OID, Get all documents ready in PDF format and fill in relevant provincial and federal forms

  • C) Make a final set of all these documents

D)Apply online for SINP:

  • Upload documents’ PDFs wherever required
  • Pay the fees (if applying under OID or Saskatchewan Express entry stream)
  • Apply online.

DO NOT leave your documents missing, unclear or non-translated, or your application may get rejected.

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What is the SINP EOI Points System?

SINP uses an EOI points system to rank applicants’ profiles under Occupation in Demand or Express Entry stream to find suitable candidates for issuing ITA for nomination.

A total of 100 marks are allotted against five factors, including:

  1. Skilled work experience
  2. Education and training
  3. Language proficiency
  4. Age
  5. Connections to the province of Saskatchewan.

You need to score a minimum of 60/100 to be able to enter a pool of candidates under either subcategory from where EOI draws are made, and you may get an ITA for applying for nomination.

Check your tentative score on EOI Point System.

Who can apply for Canada PR through SINP?

You can easily find a category that suits you!

Category for ‘International Skilled Worker’: Following are three subcategories:

International Skilled Worker’ Occupation in Demand (OID):

  • Popular! 200+ Occupations in Demand! (Outside Federal Express Entry system)

International Skilled Worker’ Express Entry Stream

  • Popular in India, (Aligned with Federal Express Entry system)

International Skilled Worker’ Employment Offer

  • Category for Saskatchewan Experience
  • Class for Entrepreneurs and Farm Operations
  • Category for International Graduate-Entrepreneur

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