Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) 2020

What Is The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program?

Saskatchewan PNP program i.e. SINP is run by the economically growing province of Saskatchewan as a pathway to PR in Canada. It helps to give the provincial nomination to skilled workers looking for Canada PR visa.

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Topic To Discuss:

  • Type of Saskatchewan PNP (SINP) Programs
  • What are the requirements to apply for SINP?
  • How many CLB and Points Required for Saskatchewan PNP?
  • What are the steps to apply for Saskatchewan PNP (SINP)?
  • What is Application Processing Time for SINP?
  • Saskatchewan PNP(SINP) Document Checklist
  • How do I submit my EOI to Saskatchewan?
  • FAQ

Types of Saskatchewan PNP (SINP) Programs:

SINP caters to many categories of immigration applicants and offers four different pathways/types of SINP programs for them:

1) Category for ‘International Skilled Worker’: This category being the most popular for immigrants from India, following are 3 sub-categories:

-‘International Skilled Worker’ Occupation in Demand (OID)

POPULAR! If you have experience in one of the 200 occupations in Demand in Saskatchewan, you can apply under this category.

2)-‘International Skilled Worker’ Express Entry Stream

POPULAR! If you are already in the Express Entry Pool, you can share an EOI for nomination under SINP and gain additional 600 CRS points on getting nominated!

3)-‘International Skilled Worker’ Employment Offer

If you hold a job offer from an employer in Saskatchewan, you can apply for nomination under this category.

4) Category for Saskatchewan Experience

If you are already working and staying in Saskatchewan, this category will be suitable for you. Other categories are:

  • Category for Entrepreneurs and Farm Operations
  • Category for International Graduate-Entrepreneur

What Are The Requirements To Apply For SINP?

Different categories of SINP allow people with varying qualifications to be able to apply for SINP. The minimum requirements for International Skilled Worker’ Saskatchewan Express Entry Stream:

  1. You must have an Express Entry profile, an EE profile number and a job validation code.
  2. You are either living outside Canada or are residing in Canada and have proof of legal status.
  3. You must have a minimum of 60/100 points on the SINP Calculator.
  4. Approved Language test score as per the Federal Express Entry program with minimum CLB 7.
  5. You must have at least one year’s educational diploma/ degree/ certificate comparable with Canadian education standards and an ECA report of the same.
  6. Give a ‘Proof of Funds’ proving you can sustain yourself in Canada.
  7. Experience in highly skilled jobs(NOC “0”, “A” or “B”) that are not on the excluded occupations list.
  8. Skilled Professionals need 1 year of experience in the last 10 years
  9. Skilled Tradesmen need 2 years’ experience in the last 5 years
  10. Or either of the above can have 1 year of experience in the last 3 years.
  11. You must hold the above work experience in the field of your education that is comparable with Canadian education of a minimum of 1 year.
  12. If your occupation belongs to the regulated occupations list, you may need to provide proof of eligibility for licensure.

How Many CLB Points Do I Need For SINP?

You need a minimum of 60 out of 100 points on the Saskatchewan Points Assessment Grid or the SINP Calculator.

What Are The Steps To Apply For Saskatchewan PNP (SINP)?

  1. Choose your stream of SINP.
  2. Make an Express Entry Profile with IRCC (for EE and OID streams).
  3. Get your Express Entry profile number and job seeker validation code.
  4. Make an EOI.
  5. Gather requisite documents and fill in the provincial and federal forms.
  6. Apply online for SINP with your EOI account, or if you have a job offer then with the relevant account.
  7. Submit documents in PDF format.
  8. Save the progress and pay the relevant fees.
  9. Submit the application.

What Is Application Processing Time For SINP?

The SINP authorities take 3 to 4 months to process your completed application. This may vary depending on factors specific to your application.

Saskatchewan PNP(SINP) Document Checklist:

A) Proof of being in Express Entry system with the help of Profile number and job seeker validation code.

B) Valid language test results required for Federal Express Entry System

  • From an approved test agency (eg. IELTS, TEF, etc.)
  • Not more than 2 years old

C) A valid Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report for non-Canadian education.

D) Documents showing proof of employment like Offer Letters, Appraisal Letters, and Reference Letters with additional proofs like PFs, Medical Insurance etc.

E) Proof of Eligibility for Licensure, in case you are into a regulated occupation.

F) Proof of Funds to show that you can sustain your household during your job search in Saskatchewan. The funds depend on the size of your household, starting at US$12699 for one person.

G) Settlement Plan based on IRCC ‘Living in Canada’ tool by simply answering a few questions.

H) Identity Documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

How do I submit my EOI to Saskatchewan?

When you clear the eligibility requirements under Occupation in Demand or Express Entry stream:

  1. Submit an EOI profile to SINP showing your interest in applying under SINP and also your qualifications.
  2. Enter an EOI pool of candidates and get ranked as per your score.
  3. EOI Draws are made to select the highest- ranking candidates and Invitation to Apply (ITA) for nomination is shared with you.
  4. Once you receive an ITA you will be required to share a complete application with SINP.


What is Expression of Interest in SINP?

It is a pre-application process wherein skilled immigration aspirants can express an interest in applying for Saskatchewan Immigration Nomination by filling in an online form and showing their qualifications.

How long does SINP nomination take?

  • Once your application is approved by SINP, it will nominate you to IRCC for Canada PR in Saskatchewan.
  • Accept the nomination within 30 days.
  • Then IRCC will share an ITA to apply for Canada PR, which you have to do in 60 days.

How do I get SINP nomination?

To get SINP Nomination, you must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for SINP, score 60/100 points on the SINP Calculator and make an EOI in the Express Entry system. On being approved by SINP, you must accept the Saskatchewan immigration nomination for Canada PR.

What Is A SINP Job Approval Letter?

A SINP Job Approval Letter is a document authorizing an employer to hire a non-Canadian skilled worker through SINP. The applicant can include this letter in his application.

The employer can issue job Approval forms with details of vacant positions. If submitted positions meet the employer’s criteria, the employer can issue a applicant-specific Job approval Letter which is to be included in the SINP application.

What After Receiving ITA From SINP?

  • Once you receive ITA from SINP, you need to pay the application fee of US$350.
  • You must follow steps detailed above on How to apply for SINP
  • Be careful in submitting all required documents or your application may get rejected.
  • If you succeed in getting a nomination from SINP, IRCC will invite you to make a final application for Canada PR.

Is A Job Offer Required For Saskatchewan PNP?

 NO: You don’t need a job offer to apply for SINP under Occupation-in-Demand stream or SINP Express Entry stream.

YES: If you have a job offer, you can apply under the ISW SINP Employment Offer stream.  Here, you must have a job offer from an employer in Saskatchewan for an occupation under NOC Level O, A or B.

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