Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

What is Ontario Provincial Nominee Program(OINP) 2021?

Ontario Immigration Nominee Program or OINP is your fast route to Ontario, the social, economic, and financial hub of Canada with cities like Toronto and the capital city Ottawa!

OINP is the economic immigration program run by Ontario to Nominate to IRCC skilled and experienced foreign workers and students for staying and working in Ontario permanently.

What are the major categories and streams of OINP?

There are 3 major categories targeted at skilled workers, business based immigration applicants and students. The minimum requirement for OINP depends on the stream you choose:

  1. OINP Employer Job Offer
  2. OINP Human Capital
  3. OINP Business
OINP Employer Job Offer You may qualify if you have an offer for a regular job by an Ontario employer.  1.Stream for Foreign Worker for applicants in skilled jobs.
2.Stream for International Student for graduates who passed out recently in Ontario.
3. Stream for Skills in-Demand for applicants with skills in specific sectors.
OINP Human Capital A.For International Graduates Stream: A degree from an Ontario University and apply within 2 years of the degree.
B.For Express Entry Stream:A profile with Federal Express Entry system and a notification of interest (NOI) from Ontario.
1.International Graduates
A.International student with a Job Offer stream
B.Masters’ Degree Stream
C.PhD Stream
2.Ontario Express Entry has 3 sub-categories:
A.Stream for French Speaking Skilled Workers
B.Stream for Human Capital Priorities(HCP)
C.Stream for Skilled Trades
OINP Business You must be a businessman outside Canada looking for Starting a business in Ontario. 1. Stream for Entrepreneurs

General Eligibility Requirements for OINP 

There are 3 broad categories of OINP and each has its own eligibility requirements. Even so, there are some general eligibility criteria that are common to all 3 categories.

  1. a) You must have a plan to work and settle in Ontario.
  2. b) You need to have a job offer from an occupation under NOC Level O, A or B from an Ontario employer along with his Notification of Interest (NOI).
  3. c) You need an offer letter from the Ontario based employer.
  4. d) You must score at least CLB 7 across all verticals of IELTS.
  5. e) You must have work experience in occupations from valid NOC codes relevant to your OINP 2020 stream.
  6. f) If you are applying through the Ontario Express Entry stream, you must have a good CRS score.

Ontario PNP Processing Time 2021

As of Jan 2020, the OINP application processing time is around 30 days to 90 days.  It may take more time depending on application factors like completeness and correctness etc.

Ontario PNP IELTS Requirements

For OINP 2020, you need an IELTS score of minimum 6 bands across each skill i.e. Reading, writing, speaking and listening. In CLB terms, you need a minimum CLB 7 across all these skills.

How to apply for Ontario PNP?

  1. Choose your OINP stream and be sure you meet all eligibility requirements.
  2. Apply for nomination by the government of Ontario via the online application process that will redirect you to a form relevant to your stream. Choose stream carefully as you will not be able to change it later.
  3. Application cost is to be paid online via Visa/Mastercard.
  4. Wait for OINP to process your application.
  5. If OINP Select you and shares Ontario Immigration Nomination for Canada PR, you must then apply for Canada PR to IRCC.
  6. If the Federal Govt. of Canada approves your application, it may grant you Canada PR Visa.

OINP Document Checklist

Documents required for various OINP streams slightly differ. You must scan and upload copies of all the mandatory documents.

Mandatory Documents for Ontario Express Entry HCP Stream:

The documents needed for the most popular OINP stream is Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream are:

  1. Personal Identity Proof Documents
  2. Travel Document/ Passport
  3. Notification of Interest (NOI) shared by Ontario employer
  4. Proof of Education Qualifications (ECA report)
  5. Proof of Legal Status in Canada
  6. Proof of Language Proficiency (IELTS Test Results)
  7. Proof of work experience in Ontario (if any)
  8. Proof of Funds
  9. Your Resume
  10. Any other documents that may be specified

For dependent family members, you must have:

  1. Their passports
  2. Documents for spouse/ common law partner:
  • Marriage certificate or status document
  •  Their education in Canada
  •  The work experience they have in Canada
  •  Their Language proficiency test results
  •   If you or your spouse/common law partner has any relatives in Canada, proof of the same


How long does PNP take in Ontario?

OINP processes the nomination applications in 30 to 90 days depending on the OINP stream you choose.

Once you get your nomination from Ontario, you must apply to IRCC within 60 days for Canada PR Visa. IRCC may take 6 months to process your application.

How much CRS score is required for Ontario PNP?

You must score at least 400 CRS score to be eligible for Ontario PNP. For this you must have an active Express Entry profile and have all your details accurately put in. Get help

What is the minimum CRS score needed for Ontario PNP 2021?

You must score a minimum CRS of 400 points on your Express Entry profile for Ontario PNP.

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