ontario pnp points calculator

Ontario PNP Points Calculator

What is Ontario PNP?

Ontario PNP, i.e. Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP), is the immigration program run in partnership with Govt. of Canada’s IRCC. It helps Ontario select the immigrants with the right skills and experience as needed by Ontario’s economy and nominate them to IRCC for Canada PR.

What are the significant streams of OINP?

There are three major streams of OINP with categories and sub-categories under each:

OINP Employer Job Offer (3 Categories)

  1. A) Stream for Foreign Worker
  2. B) Stream for International Student
  3. C) Stream for Skills in-Demand

OINP Human Capital (2 Categories)

A) International Graduates (3 sub-categories)

  • Masters’ Degree Stream
  • Ph.D. Stream
  • An international student with a Job Offer stream

B) Ontario Express Entry(3 sub-categories)

  • Stream for French-Speaking Skilled Workers
  • Stream for Human Capital Priorities (HCP)
  • Stream for Skilled Trades

OINP Business

Calculate Your Ontario PNP Points 2020

    Calculate IELTS (Minimum Band is 6 in Each)

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    What is the eligibility for Ontario PNP?

    The minimum requirements for being eligible to apply through OINP depend on the stream you choose. The general eligibility requirements for OINP are:

    1. Willingness to live, work and settle in Ontario permanently.
    2. At least two years of experience in the past five years in a job under NOC levels O, A, or B.
    3. A long-term and a full-time job offer from an employer in Ontario sharing the NOI for a job listed in NOC levels O, A, or B.
    4. Minimum an educational qualification as per the OINP stream you choose. This includes a valid degree/ diploma/ certificate from a recognized educational organization.
    5. An ECA report from WES for people with non-Canadian education.
    6. A minimum language proficiency level is proven by IELTS 6/7 (or CLB7).
    7. A valid job offer from an employer in Ontario for a long-term and full-time job.
    8. For the OINP HCP stream, you must have an Express Entry profile with a CRS of 400 or more points.

    Contact us to understand your exact eligibility requirements as per your OINP stream.

    How many points are needed for Ontario PNP?

    400 CRS Points

    You need a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of a minimum of 400 points, and you need to maintain this score throughout the nomination and application process.

    67 OINP HCP Points for FSWP

    For being eligible for OINP Human capital Priorities stream, you need to score at least 67 points out of the total 100 points on the OINP Point Assessment Grid for FSWP eligibility.

    IELTS Requirement for PNP Ontario

    OINP Needs an IELTS score of 6 bands or CLB level 7 across all skills. The minimum IELTS requirement for Ontario PNP (OINP) in 2020 is CLB 7 across all reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

    This is the same as the federal Express Entry program and aims to get a highly skilled and job-ready English language ability workforce.

    Ontario PNP Document Checklist

    As there are different streams meant for additional immigration applicants, the streams’ documents also differ. As HCP is the most popular stream of OINP, let us find out more:

    Documents for Ontario Express Entry-HCP Stream:

    1. Proof of identity (Birth Certificate, Govt. issued ID Cards, etc.)
    2. Valid and updated Travel Document/ Passport
    3. A valid Notification of Interest (NOI) shared by an employer in Ontario
    4. Valid degree/diploma/certificates or ECA report from a recognized organization
    5. Documents showing your legal status in Canada (if applicable)
    6. IELTS Test Results not older than two years from the date of application
    7. Documents in support of work experience in Ontario (if any)
    8. Proof of settlement funds
    9. Your updated resume with relevant details of current and previous occupations.
    10. Any other documents that may be specified by the provincial or federal government of Canada.
    11. Relevant documents for spouse/common-law partner and dependent children (if any).

    Ontario PR PNP Processing Time 2020

    The estimated OINP processing time for all applications is between 30 to 90 days. This may be quicker or longer, depending on the OINP stream you choose.

    Ontario PNP Points Calculator 2020

    The Ontario PNP Human Capital Priorities stream is the most popular out of the entire OINP streams. It is the top choice of Indians looking to work and settle in Ontario as Canadian PRs with or without their families. Ontario is at the heart of economic development in Canada, with major cities like Toronto in it.

    To begin with, you would need to create your Express Entry profile.

    For being eligible, you need to score a minimum 67/100 points on the following factors:

    1. Age (Maximum points 12)
    2. Language (Maximum points 28)
    3. Educational Qualifications (Maximum points 25)
    4. Arranged Employment in Ontario (Maximum points 10)
    5. Adaptability in Ontario (Maximum points 10)

    Are you eligible for OINP? Check your Ontario PNP score now.

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    How much is the CRS score required for Ontario PNP?

    You need 400 CRS points to be eligible for the Ontario PNP. Also, you need to maintain this score throughout the application process, or you may risk the cancellation of your application.

    Who is eligible for OINP?

    Following are the basic Ontario PNP eligibility requirements:

    -You are eligible for the OINP if you intend to live and work in Ontario and have a 400 CRS score and a valid Ontario job offer, along with other eligibility requirements based on the OINP stream you apply through.

    -Human Capital Priorities stream is the most popular OINP stream as it allows skilled workers without an Ontario job offer to use for the Ontario nomination.

    Ontario PR PNP Processing Time

    The Ontario PR application processing time in 2020 depends on your OINP stream:

    Ontario Express Entry-French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream: 60-90 days

    OINP HCP Stream: 60-90 days

    – Ontario Express Entry: Skilled Trades stream 30-60 days

    – Masters and Ph.D. Graduate Stream: 30-60 days

    – Employer job Offer category: 60-90 days

    -OINP Business stream: depends on case-to-case


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