What is Canada 67 Points Calculator?

Are you a skilled worker looking for a Canada PR Visa in 2020? If yes, you first need to check your eligibility on the 67 Points Calculator.

Simply put, the Canada 67 Points Calculator is the marking system used by IRCC to Check your eligibility to apply through FSWP based on points allotted on selection factors.

We will be discussing the following topics:

  • Difference between FSW points and CRS score?
  • Are 67 Points Enough to be Eligible for Canada Immigration?
  • What happens if you score less than 67 points?
  • Canada PR Points Calculator to check your eligibility 
  • Minimum Requirement to Apply for Canada PR Visa
  • Calculate My Points for Canada Immigration (Using Table)

What is the difference between FSW points and CRS score for Canada Immigration?

  • FSW points are the minimum points (67/100) needed to be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program under the Express Entry system.

CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System score is what comes next!

  • In the pool, you are ranked against other aspiring immigrants using a point-based system called the CRS.
  • You are marked on your profile out of 1200 points and then rated in the pool based on your score.

Are 67 Points Enough to be Eligible for Canada Immigration?

No, these 67 points are FSW points that only make you eligible to apply for Canada Immigration by allowing you to make an Express Entry profile and join a pool of candidates; after that, CRS is used for further assessment and selection.

We will be helping you to Calculate 67 points Canada Immigration with the help of our 67 points Canada Calculator!!

    Calculate IELTS (Minimum Band is 6 in Each)

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    What happens if you score less than 67 points?

    You will not be qualified for FSWP. You may take measures to improve your score, or you may also request a ‘Substitute Evaluation.’ Know More

    Canada PR Points Calculator 2020

    You can fill in your details in the following Canada PR Points Calculator to check your eligibility for Canada PR Visa

    What’s the Minimum Requirement to Apply for a Canada PR Visa in 2020?

    To qualify, you need to score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 allotted against six selection factors.

    How to Calculate My Points for Canada Immigration?

    To check your eligibility for Canada PR Visa under FSWP, the IRCC assigns you marks out of 100 on six selection factors:

    • Age,
    • Education,
    • Language Skills,
    • Work Experience,
    • Adaptability in Canada and
    • Arranged Employment Offer in Canada.

    Here is How you can calculate your score against these factors:

    1.Age (max. marks 12)

    Ages 18 to 35 get the highest score, 12. If you are under 18 or over 46 years, you get 0 points.

    2.Education (max. marks 25)

    A) For education received in Canada, you must have degrees/diplomas/certificates from Canadian secondary or higher secondary institutions.

    B) In the case of non-Canadian education, you should get an ECA report proving your education is equivalent to a Canadian secondary or higher secondary credential.

    3.Language skills (max. marks 28)

    For 1st official language, you can score 24 points. You need a minimum CLB 7 or NCLC 7 in each area of Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening in the language. As for the 2nd official language, you can score up to 4 points and need CLB 5 or NCLC 5 across the above skills.

    4.Work Experience (max. marks 15)

    If you have six or more years of continuous work experience in a job(s) under the NOC, you score the maximum marks. The minimum work experience needed to be qualified for FSWP is one year.

    5.Arranged Employment in Canada (max. marks 10)

    You need to have a valid employment offer of at least one year from an employer in Canada.

    6.Adaptability (max. scores 10)

    If you plan to immigrate to Canada with your spouse, you can get up to 10 points for adaptability in Canada.

    Do you qualify for a Canada PR Visa in 2020?

    Check your score on the 67 Points Calculator for Canada Immigration 2020 Now!

    Things to Note:

    1.Your occupation must be listed in the National Occupational Classification (NOC)

    2.Scoring 67 points does not grant you the PR visa, but it makes you eligible to apply to the Canada PR through the Express Entry system.

    3.You are then required to choose the right immigration program for yourself based on your profile traits.

    4.Immigration programs under the Express Entry system are:

      • Federal Skilled Trades Program

      • Federal Skilled Workers Program

      • Canadian Experience Class
      • Provincial Nominee Program (pnp program)

    5.If you are accepted into the Express Entry pool, you are not guaranteed to receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence.

    6.For an invitation, you need to have a Good CRS Score.

    Get your CRS Score using our latest CRS Calculator.


    From Where Can I Get An Educational Credential Assessment(ECA) Report Easily?

    Getting an ECA is simpler than you think!

    You can select any organization approved by the Govt. of Canada to assess your non-Canadian education against Canadian standards. You can find the list below:

    1. Comparative Education Service
    2. International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
    3. World Education Services
    4. International Qualifications Assessment Service
    5. International Credential Evaluation Service
    6. Medical Council of Canada (for specialists/physicians)
    7. Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (for pharmacists)

    How Can I Apply For a Canada PR Visa With Less Than 67 Points?

    • In case you do not get the minimum points required to be eligible for FSWP (i.e. 67/100), you may request a ‘Substitute Evaluation.’ If the same is granted, your case moves forward or else gets refused.
    • In case of approval, the Canada Immigration Visa Officer may review the circumstances and decide whether you have the ‘ability to become economically established in Canada.’ This may be proved by sufficient settlement funds, Arranged Employment Offer (AEO), etc.
    • If the Visa Officer decides in your favor, he may approve your eligibility with a second designated officer’s agreement by granting you a Positive Substitute Evaluation under the IRPA.

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    What is the List of Documents Needed for Canada Immigration in 2020?

    You need the following documents for information to be filled in your application:

    • Your passport or travel documents
    • Your language test results (not older than two years)
    • ECA report for FSWP, or getting points for non-Canadian education
    • Provincial nomination (if any)
    • Job offers from employers in Canada (if any)

    When you get an Invitation to Apply, you would need the following documents to be submitted:

    • The Medical Examination reports
    • Police Clearance Certificate
    • Passport /Travel Document
    • The Proof of Funds

    Check Your Eligibility Now